Dino painting since he was young Dino painting since he was young
Painting in the Colca Valley, Arequipa. Painting in the Colca Valley, Arequipa.
Medal of Gold, Italy Medal of Gold, Italy

In his first years of artistic life he worked with the painters Delmo Veronese an Vinicio Boscaini, well -known Italian artists.

Later he participated in the Course of Arts plastic of the Fundación Cultural Fiat de Turin, Italy.

He has been decorated in 1993 with Gold medal by the Camara de Comercio of Pádova.

For years he has benn residing in Peru, dedicating to visit the places of the mountain and identifying with its habitants. Like good lover of the nature, he always has been impressed by the beauty and range of colors that offer by the European spring and autum, as well as the Peruvian mountain landscapes.

The Colca valley in Arequipa and the Urubamba valley in Cuzco, the countryside cajamarquina, the flowery dameros of Tarma, are their favorite corners of where it gathers his subjects of inspiration which upsets to the linen cloth with harmonious beauty, thus emphasizing its fidelity with the nature.

he has made numerous exhibitions in Peru and Italy as well as in other European countries and teh United States. In his continuous trips he keep in touch with some Galleries, specially in Venice, Florence and Switzerland where to connoisseur and critical request he maintains a permanent sample of his works, having himself turned through its paintings into an ambassador of walks Peruvian.

Most of his works are in privated collections in Europe, the U.S.A. and South America.